The perfect gift for craft beer lovers everywhere.

What’s inside?

Along with a Railway City Brewing Company branded drinking glass,

you get a 473mL can of each of these great tasting beers:


express india session lager

Express has a little more flavour than a lager, but not quite the punch of an IPA. We put two craft favourites together to create this citrus flavoured, smooth tasting session lager.


cranberry festive lager

Brewed with Ontario cranberries & local ginger, this festive lager pours a golden/orange colour. Perfect to pair with your Holiday meals, you get a nice taste of cranberries and ginger, along with the smooth, easy drinking feeling of a lager.


twice checked chocolate cherry porter

Twice Checked Chocolate Cherry Porter provides flavours of dark chocolate, black forest cake and a subtle cherry background that provides a brightness to your palate!

The Holiday Gift Pack is available at your local LCBO and our own retail store for $14.75.

We are located at:

130 Edward Street, St. Thomas, ON, Canada, N5P 1z1